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Opportunities available in Junior Chamber (Jaycee)
Junior Chamber (Jaycee) can be called an organization of opportunities. The opportunities available within Junior Chamber (Jaycee) are so numerous it could take a lifetime to grasp them all. Most members select those which cater to their particular needs and make the most of them.

Basically, there are four areas of opportunities within the organization; Individual, Community, International, and Business. Projects are conducted in each area. As the members works on these projects, they encounter opportunities for total development.
Individual Opportunity
Opportunities for personal development are offered in the Individual Development Area. Seminars, organized and conducted by professional trainers and/or Junior Chamber members, help members to speak effectively, learn leadership skills, improve their communication abilities and enhance their personal development.
Community Opportunities
The Community Area of Opportunity gives the member a chance to work with and for his/her community. The member surveys the need of the community and organizes projects to cater to those needs. The opportunity to meet important members of the community and the general public is always there; the most valuable opportunity of this area is to make a concrete contribution to one’s environment and fellow human beings. In this key arena, not only can members be of great benefits to their community but also have the ideal workshop for putting into practice the skills they have been developing in their individual and business courses.
International Opportunities
The opportunities available in the International Area are very impressive. Via this area, Jaycee members can derive an awareness of what is happening in other parts of the world. This area also allows for direct experience with different customs and cultures and helps the member understand fellow human beings throughout the world. It also offers the opportunity to continue toward world peace simply by creating friendships across country boundaries.
Business Opportunities
In the Business Area of Opportunity, members can exchange ideas and do business with other interested members, not only in their own chapter or country but also with a network of almost members around the world.

Business Opportunities also give Junior Chamber the chance to enhance the economics of the community by conducting projects to increase the productivity and effectiveness of businesses. Contributing to this goal are visits to successful companies to learn how they conduct their businesses, having successful entrepreneurs speak at monthly meetings, and conducting training sessions on how to enhance one’s company or work.

Other opportunities within the Junior Chamber Organization not confined to any specific area are: exchanging ideas, socializing, making worthwhile business contacts, and working alongside people of different backgrounds.

Jaycee membership offers challenges that make life more meaningful, worthwhile, and personally rewarding. A lot depends on the willingness of the member to identify and pursue these opportunities. This is one organization that supports the philosophy of learning by doing.

The idea is not to look for what the organization can do for you, but to see what you can do for yourself through the organization.
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