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The Vision and Purpose of Junior Chamber (JAYCEE)
The Establishment of a Permanent World Peace
The VISION of Junior Chamber (Jaycee) is most clearly expressed in the words of founder Henry "Hy" Giessenbier who said:
From within the walls of the soul of this organization, wherein the foundation
of character and citizenship are laid, I hope a message will come forth in the
sometime of tomorrow that will stir the people toward the establishment of a
permanent and everlasting world peace."
Giessenbier had the foresight to believe that character and citizenship could contribute toward a permanent world peace. His dream and purpose for Junior Chamber were to offer the membership opportunities that would build strong, positive characters and a sense of citizenship, not only for communities, cities and countries, but for the world.

The purpose of Jaycee, inspired by the Declaration of Principles, is:
"To contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change"
The organization operates on the premise that the development of individual character and perso- nality will result in communities that are better developed and, eventually, in a more peaceful world.

Most educational institutions focus on the passing of an examination and the amassing of degrees rather than the development of personalities. It is said that the purpose of education is to prepare the individual for “life” not just to be able to perform a job.

Life is much more than just doing a job. Life is caring, sharing, loving, understanding and communicating. Jaycee strives to complete any lack in the development of its individual members.
A People Organization
aycee is a people organization. People resort to violence when communication, understanding, patience, tolerance, reason and love cease to exist. Junior Chamber’s plan is to offer opportunities to the members that will reinforce these positive qualities.

The idea ethic is to bring people together. Many opportunities are created when people with various social, cultural, religious, economic and national backgrounds meet. At National Conventions, Area Conferences and World Congresses, members come face-to-face with one another to share experiences and exchange ideas which lead to better understanding and cooperation.

A bond of brotherhood and genuine friendship is established as Jaycee members seek the ways and means to improve themselves and the world in which they live.

The purpose of the Jaycee is to show the rest of the world.
That all human beings can be developed.
That all are equal.
That the world is interdependent.
That the world does not belong to humans
but that humans belong to the world.
That every human is a citizen of the world.
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